School Event2021.10.22

Graduate Thesis Defense 2021

The 2021 Graduation Thesis Defense Presentation was held from October 20 to 22.

To be honest, the three days of presentations from morning to night were tough for the faculty members, but it was also very educational for the faculty members as they were able to learn about the latest findings in a wide range of research fields, from clinical practice to basic research and infectious diseases, all at once. It was a great learning experience for the faculty.

Graduation research is a valuable opportunity for students to develop active hypothesis-testing skills, which are essential when entering the workforce.

Because veterinary medicine requires a national examination, the content of lectures tends to be the same question-and-answer format as in university entrance exams. However, after graduation, whether you are a veterinarian or a company employee, you will need to find and solve problems on your own, not just quietly do the work that someone else gives you and end up answering the correct questions that someone else has given you. When you become a member of society, the thinking skills you develop in your graduation research will surely be useful in places you cannot see.

Six sixth-year students from our laboratory gave presentations on their research topics, which differed greatly from each other, and each of them must have had their own difficulties. I am very happy to see that despite the hectic schedule of CBT, Polyclinic training, job-hunting and research, they all gave impressive presentations in the end.

Thank you to all the 6th year students for your hard work over the past two years.

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