Merry Christmas & Winter Vacation

Today is Christmas Eve and the last day of the Autumn semester regular exams, after which it will be winter/spring vacation (for those who do not have extra exams...)

This year's curriculum was irregular in that we had to shorten the summer vacation and extend the winter vacation due to the COVID19, but I am relieved that we will be able to finish the school year without any major problems.

This long vacation, which spans three months from January to March, will be spent in different ways by each of the veterinary students.

First through third year undergraduates will have a "normal" long vacation (they can play, study, or work for the entire three months).

4th~5th year undergraduates, it depends on the lab you're assigned to (tox lab is the standard 2 weeks or so off).

Also, many students use the vacation to go on off-campus training or internships.

And for 6th year undergraduates...

I don't have to tell you, we'll be putting the final push towards the national veterinary exam in February! Maybe

The School of Veterinary Medicine is full of lectures and practical training during the class period, but it seems that the long vacations will be just as hectic...

However, I am sure that a bright future awaits me if I can overcome this.

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