School Event2022.03.10

2021 Academic Year Graduation Ceremony!

Today, March 10, 2022, was the degree conferment ceremony (graduation ceremony) of School of Veterinary Medicine, Kitasato University !

From our department of veterinary medicine, 122 undergraduate students graduated from Kitasato University after 6 years of academic course. This year, too, only graduates and faculty members participated in the ceremony, as it was held under the "Corona Disaster". The congratulatory speeches by the president, chancellor, and guests were video messages, so once again we hoped that the corona crisis would be resolved as soon as possible. I am sure it was disappointing for the parents who were not able to see their sons and daughters in person, but they all looked very splendid as they left for the world.

Six students from our tox lab graduated with degrees this year (although the announcement of their passing of the national examinations is yet to be made)! Although only four students attended the local graduation ceremony, the entire faculty was thrilled to see them all in fine form.

The paths to the next stage of their education vary from clinical, to public service, to private enterprise, but we wish them all the best from the shores of Lake Towada, and hope that they will enjoy their lives and be active in their own way.

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