Veterinary National Examination Pass Announcement!

Today, the 73rd National Veterinary Medical Examination was announced (on the MAFF web site).

Of the 1,196 examinees, including new graduates and former graduates, 960 passed the exam, giving a pass rate of 80.3%.

Congratulations to those who passed!

We wish you the best of luck as a veterinarian in the spring.

Now, as for the Kitasato University acceptance rate... (Actually, the acceptance rates for each university are also posted on the MAFF website.)

With a 94.3% pass rate, it ranked 1st among the five private veterinary universities and third among all 16 universities!

Kitasato University is indeed well known for its preparation for the national examinations.

We are happy to see the visible results of the sixth-year students who have studied hard over the past several months.

The entire faculty of Kitasato University School of Veterinary Medicine is working together to prepare for the national examinations, and after the graduation theses are submitted, lectures are held on a daily basis by the faculty members in charge of each specialized subject. With the substantial lectures and class materials, you can be fully prepared to study for the national examinations.

After the graduation ceremony, those who have passed the national exam will finally be able to go out into society as veterinarians in April if they follow the proper procedures.

The veterinary profession covers not only the treatment of dogs and cats, but also a wide range of other fields such as livestock veterinarian, meat hygiene inspection, and pharmaceutical research, and we are sure that Kitasato University graduates who are eager to learn will be active in their respective fields.


Results of the 73rd National Veterinary Medical Examination (FY2021)

March 15, 2022

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

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