Elucidation of the Toxic Effects of PFAS "Forever chemical"

Have you ever heard of PFAS (Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances)?

PFASs are used in a very wide range of products around us, such as water repellents, surface treatment agents, emulsifiers, fire extinguishers, and coating agents, because of their properties of water/oil repellency, heat resistance/chemicals, and light shielding. Because they are so difficult to decompose, they have begun to be called "forever chemicals" and their health effects are becoming a concern (*Actually, they do not disappear forever, but are gradually decomposed over a long period of time).

Exposure to PFAS is thought to be a risk factor for cancer risk and high cholesterol levels, but the full picture of these exact toxic effects is still unknown. Therefore, our laboratory has started research to elucidate the toxic effects and mechanisms of these PFAS on mammals and fish.